20. What to do in case of unforeseen problems?


Question: What should I do if a recipient doesn’t answer or confirm the transfer?

Answer: You should create a ticket for the MMM Mavrodi Support team:

  1. Click on the “Support” button.
  2. Click on “Create”.

Detailed instructions how to create a ticket you can find in FAQ How to get in touch with the Support Team?



Question: I’ve created a Request for Providing Help, but a sender does not transfer funds.

Answer: Every sender has 36 hours to complete his transaction. If sender will not send funds within 36 hours, the Community will find another participant to provide help to you.



Question: A sender indicated that the transfer had been completed and attached a screenshot as a proof, but I didn’t get money.

Answer: Get in touch with the MMM Mavrodi Support Team. Create a ticket with description of situation. If the participant really didn’t send money, he will be blocked and you’ll be provided with a new sender. Keep calm.



Question: I can’t see captcha. What should I do?

Answer: Try to refresh the page using F5 (or Ctrl+F5). If nothing changes try to use another browser or check the configurations of the browser you currently use (the browser should support JavaScript and display images). Sometimes Captcha can’t be seen while the website is under maintenance. If nothing helps, ask your referrer to register you. In that case you don’t need to enter any captcha.



Question: Why didn’t I get Referral or Guider’s bonuses?

Answer: Referral and guider’s bonuses are credited only for “new” Mavrodi Coin. For example, if your referral has provided help of 1000 MMM Coin, you will get 50 MMM Coin bonus.

In some cases referral and Guider’s bonuses can be credited with 2 days delay. If you wasn’t credited with bonuses more than 2 days, contact the Support Team.



Question: I’ve forgotten/ I want to change my password, but I didn’t receive any message to my e-mail with password recovery. What should I do?

Answer: Check “Spam” folder. If you really didn’t receive, request it again. In other case, contact the Support Team. Your identity will be verified and your password will be changed.



Question: I’ve created a ticket to the Support Team but I haven’t received any feedback. I’m worried...

Answer: Don’t worry. The Community Support Team has a lot of tickets due to a rapid MMM Mavrodi Global development. Your request is in a queue. You should wait for a while.



Question: I’ve completed the registration but I haven’t received any message to my e-mail. Why?

Answer: Check “Spam” folder. If it isn’t there, try to request password recovery at the page www.mavrodioffice.com. Nevertheless, if the problem hasn’t been solved, register using another e-mail.



Question: I haven’t got a bonus for “letter of happiness”. Why?

Answer: Probably your letter was not approved yet or was rejected by a moderator. If your letter was rejected, as a rule the moderator writes the explanation. If the moderator has checked the testimonial and there aren’t any comments and bonus hasn’t been credited, get in touch with the Support Team.



Question: I have confirmed Mavrodi Coin, but I can’t withdraw them. Why?

Answer: You should have not only confirmed, but also unfrozen Mavrodi Coin. Every type of Mavrodi Coin has different color. Green Mavrodi Coin are available for withdrawal (“selling”), blue ones are frozen, red ones are unconfirmed. If your Mavrodi Coin are green, but you can’t create “Get Help” request more than 24 hours, contact the MMM Mavrodi Support Team.



Question: I can’t login my Personal Office.

Answer: Sometimes, Personal Office can be unavailable for maintenance works. Try again later.

If you can’t login for a first time with your e-mail and password, it means you didn’t successfully registered. Register again with same or different data.

In some cases your account could be removed (for example, for 2 months inactivity).

If you can’t login into your Personal Office because of the forgotten password, use a password recovery procedure (How to recover a password for Personal Office?).



Question: My account was hacked! What steps should be taken?

Answer: Change your password immediately! Inform the Support Team and your Guider about the incident. If you detect a created “Getting Help” request and created order, inform the Support Team and send a message to your sender asking not to transfer MMM Coin.



Question: I want to “buy/sell” Мavro (created a Request), but see no Order(s) in my Personal Office.

Answer: An Order creation can take up to 3 days. The System looks for receiver/sender to match your request. You should just wait. If you waited for more than 3 days, contact the Support Team.



Question: Account details of receiver are are not correct or missing. What should I do?

Answer: Contact your receiver via chat in the order. If there are any problems with it, inform the Support Team.



Question: My Mavrodi Coin in Personal Office became negative. Why?

Answer: Negative Mavrodi Coin appear when you was charged with a penalty. You could be charged with a penalty for a violation of the MMM Mavrodi Community rules. If you don’t agree with the penalty, contact the Support Team.