9. How to complete tasks in MMM Mavrodi Extra?


In MMM Mavrodi Extra program for the growth of Mavrodi Coin up to 30% it's necessary to complete daily tasks.

In order to take part in the MMM MAVRODI-Extra program you need to acquire special 30% Mavrodi.

How to acquire MMM MAVRODI-EXTRA Mavrodi Coin:

  1. After you clicked on "Provide Help" button enter the amount in MMM in the field “Mavrodi Coin 30% (MMM MAVRODI EXTRA)” in this window.
  2. Then click on “Next” button.




After Provide Help you can start to complete tasks. In order to do that:

  1. Click on "MMM MAVRODI EXTRA" button in your Personal Office.
    MMM MAVRODI EXTRA page will appear.
    On this page you can see:
    1. Current Mavrodi Coin rate shows how much Extra Mavrodi Coin you received for completed tasks this month.
    2. Time-code on the left displays the time remaining: for the day, or for completing today's tasks.
    3. The list of the tasks available for execution today.
  2. Click on "Start" button of selected task from the list.




You will see a step-by-step process (including pictures) how to complete a task.




Complete the task in accordance with all instructions. Then copy the link as a proof of the completed task and enter it in the appropriate field. Then send the task for moderation by clicking on "Send for approval" button.




Once the moderator has checked your task, it will be marked as "confirmed" and you will can see it in archive. And you will see that your Extra Mavrodi Coin have grown up.