25. How to sell Mavrodi Coin?


You can sell your Mavrodi Coin on the mmmexchange.com website, if you have them in your mmmexchange.com wallet. In order to send Mavrodi Coins from your Mavrodi Coin wallet to another please check the above description called “How to send Mavrodi Coin from your Mavrodi Coin wallet to another”.

The Mavrodi Coin address can be found by clicking on the “Wallet” button, under the “Receive Mavrodi Coin” sign.




After you made sure to have the required amount of Mavrodi Coin in your wallet, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on “Sell Mavrodi Coin” on the top of your page
  2. Choose the preferred Buyer from the list provided and click “Sell”. There are 2 options as well — either sell it online — A, or in cash — B.




  1. Enter the amount of MMM you wish to sell.
  2. Enter your receiving transfer online contact details in the message box and other details for the buyer to see.
  3. Click on “Send Trade Request” button.

When the buyer makes the payment and clicks on “Mark payment complete” button, the required amount of Mavrodi Coin will permanently be reserved in the escrow. From that point, the deal can no longer be automatically cancelled.

After you confirm the payment that has arrived on your account, you will need to release the Mavrodi Coin.