4. What is a “Personal Office” ?


Personal Office (PO) is a personalized section of the site, available for registered members. Through Personal Office you can:

  • Provide and Get Help (“buy” and “sell” Mavrodi Coin)
    • See how your Mavrodi Coin's grow
    • Create “letters of happiness”
  • Complete MMM-Extra tasks
  • Register newcomers and manage their Personal Office (if you are Guider)
    • See your referrals and team
  • Get in touch with:
    • The Support Team - if you need to solve Personal Office issues
    • Your Guider - if you need any advice or help
    • Contact transfer Recipient or Sender - if you need to clear something up about transfer




  • Make personal settings
    • Edit your personal Contact info
    • Change Privacy settings
    • Add your bank and MavrodiCoin`s accounts
    • Сonnect mobile devices to be able to use Personal Office on a tablet or a smartphone