Date: 28-Nov-17 11:00:00 PM

Notice Regarding Old Mavro

The Registered User Need To PH atleast Once To Claim there Old Mavro or 3000 Free Coins Before 1st December Or Else your old free mavro will become Zero

Date: 27-Nov-17 11:00:00 PM

Changed Our What Is MMM (Ideology)

We are glad to inform you that mmmmarvodi and MMM Coin has Got very big Response and became reliable platform in digital market of cryptocurrecy and Mutual Aid Community and is growing fast to provide more Growth and income to you beyond expectations. The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress and Change means that what was before was not perfect. People want things to be better Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future In a view to provide more growth and Last Long for our community we have changed our What Is MMM (Ideology) and our new ideology is

The change in ideology is only to provide growth for our community hence don’t heed to negative rumors, There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction we repeat LETS DEVELOP THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER IT IS WORTH IT!

The Changes of ideology is applicable for all particpents.

Date: 21-Oct-17 1:44:00 PM

closure of operation of MMMCOINS in Novaexchange

Members can switch to new MMM Exchange https://mmmexchange.com or transfer their coin to https://mavrodicoinwallet.com/ and continue to trade as usual as the mmm coins will be safe in mmm wallet & mmm exchange.

we request to all mavrodicoin users who haven't account in https://www.mavrodicoinwallet.com please make new account in https://www.mavrodicoinwallet.com and transfer your coins in to web wallet account.

Kindly note that all coins in novaexchange will be zero with effect from 04/11/2017 and MMMCOIN is not responsible for it.

Date: 11-Oct-17 6:50:00 PM

It's time to change the world

People have been fooled by the name of MMM, People have lost their money for such ponzy schemes and they do not have any further turst on MMM. Sergey Mavrodi is announcing to launch one and only MMM across the universe, which would be the original Mavrodi coin. Sergey mavrodi has a vision for everyone, even though he wants to please those people who has lost their fortunes earlier. Sergey Mavrodi has decided to give 3000 mavrodi coin to our registered customer in their PO . He has announced the time period of 75 days and after the clear of your every PH your 15% MMM coin will release. These will be the days for those people who has lost their money earlier. Visit and register on our website to get free Mavrodi coin.